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The White Veil

I’ve expected that fulfillment of Facebook’s plan would require me to have many more friends than I currently do. Unfortunately I’m shy and find it difficult to approach people I don’t know. So Facebook has decided to help point me in the right direction by showing me the people I am destined to befriend who I do not yet know.

Tyler is an enigma. What is behind that white veil? He seems to be a private person, not exposing anything to those who are not yet in his inner circle.

…his very small inner circle. Fortunately, I am already friends with 75% of his privy council. So I gather up the courage to send a friend request.

Again, I am faced with the Select friends of yours who know Tyler dialog. I’m a little confused. Why should Facebook think I am prepared for this task? I was unaware of Tyler’s existence until a few moments ago.

But Facebook must have a reason, so I take the task of building out Tyler’s cabinet seriously. I pause for a moment to reflect on the things that are important to 75% of Tyler’s friends. I realize this is the most I’ve thought about our 3 mutual friends in the past 2 years. I feel closer to them all.

I decide to suggest my 2 friends who would best fit into Tyler’s circle. Off the suggestions go! Like dandelion seeds, drifting into the world of dreams, the world of facts.

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