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Becoming a Fan

I’ve been eagerly anticipating a “fan” suggestion. It’s a clue, indicating in which direction Facebook thinks I should grow. Much like a Christian who falls asleep at church every Sunday, I could very easily just click on “Become a Fan,” wipe my hands, and go about my normal life. But I don’t think that I would be “going literal” enough. I don’t think I could proudly say I’m a Facebooker, when I’ve tainted my profile with lies.

So what does it really mean when Facebook suggests I “become a fan?” What does it mean to truly be a fan? I guess that depends on what I am fanning.

I admit, I’ve never been to Tandem Bar Brooklyn NYC, but it has a chill name and a sick website. I view a few pictures of an olde-timey-looking interior on the page.

Looks pretty authentic.

I click Become a Fan… and I feel dissatisfied. It doesn’t feel right. I can’t be a fan of a place I’ve never been to. So I stop by Tandem Bar Brooklyn after work.

I sit down at the bar with a friend who is already a fan. We order “signature cocktails” from their menu, costing $13 each.

I get a Manhattan. My friend gets a spiked Mexican hot chocolate. Both are very tasty. My friend orders some kale and I order some olives. The bartender is thoughtful enough to set me a “place” despite that I am only having olives. It is possible that I could encounter an olive so large that I might need a knife. Can’t wait.

After we’ve finished our cocktails, we decide to get the PBR + a shot of whiskey special for $3. This is an amazing deal in NYC! And it’s a tall boy, to boot. Somehow, all of this is enough to get me feeling “pretty buzzed,” so we call it an evening and head home, bellies and heads humming.

Between the website, the menu, the $3 special, and the quality time had with a valued friend, my experience at Tandem was truly worthy of fandom. I feel grateful that Facebook has introduced me to such a chill spot. I look forward to seeing what other fandom-worthy entities Facebook shows me. I pulse with an excitement so electric and head back to Facebook to see what awaits…

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