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My first fwend request

A few weeks ago, I met a friend’s sister briefly at a show. The following day, she returned to her native Japan, and I assumed I would never see her again.

Facebook has another plan for our friendship, though, and insists that I befriend her. So I do.

Although I believe that there is a reason for all of Facebook’s suggestions, I cannot subscribe to Satomi’s posts via SMS, as I do not have an unlimited SMS plan u_u.  I can, however, add her to a list. Oh what a great idea!

I can keep track of all my new facebook-recommended friends in one place now by adding them to the “New Fwends” list. So chill! I include a polite “it was nice to meet you!” and submit my friend request. The ball is now in Satomi’s court to fully realize Facebook’s Plan.

Oh shit! Apparently just requesting Satomi’s friendship isn’t enough for Facebook. Apparently I need to suggest friends for her too! Not just any friends, but friends who know her. This is hard. Looking through my list of friends for those who might know her, I can’t find any who haven’t already befriended her. Perhaps this is why Facebook believes we should be friends? I decide to select the 5 people I know that have met her, despite that they are friends already, and send those suggestions.

Feeling good, guys! Can’t wait to see my “New Fwends” list grow.

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